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Lesson 12. Creating Unique Music for You... > Combining Loops to Vary Your Songs

Combining Loops to Vary Your Songs

Keeping the music simple is often the key to building a successful track of background music. But you can use a number of simple strategies to make your music slightly less repetitive. One is to combine loops from within one family of instruments.

Start from the song we've been building. Click the Loop button in the shuttle controls to turn off that feature, as it won't be necessary for the time being.

Delete the Grand Piano track on top by selecting the track on the left and then choosing Track > Delete Track.

Delete the Drum Kit track also—the whole track, not just the loop of music placed there.

You're going to continue reshaping your song until it feels appropriate for the time-lapse video.

It's also good to know that in the process of sculpting a song, you may create many tracks, add more to them, and either mute or totally delete parts as you go. In this case, ignore the Bass and Piano tracks and explore some different sounds.

Mute the Electric Bass and Piano tracks.

Click Reset in the Loop Browser and find the guitar loop called Southern Rock Guitar 01.

Listen to all the tracks in the Southern Rock Guitar family (01 through 05), noticing the similarities and differences.

Some of the loops lend themselves to long stretches of video, and some sound more like emotional transitions.

Click and drag Southern Rock Guitar 02 to the track under the Piano track.

This has a nice sound to it. The loop comprises four measures, which—according to the counter—is 8 seconds long. This is pretty long by loop standards. It means the sounds in it repeat only every 8 seconds, which is good for a loop that will play over and over a few times without getting too repetitive.

Drag the guitar loop out for 12 measures (to the number 13).

That's about as much as Jennifer can take before she wants to hear something else. Change your scale using the Zoom slider on the left to see more of the ruler. (Thirty measures is about 1 minute—the length of the time-lapse video this song will be for, so make sure you can see at least that far.)

Click and drag Southern Rock Guitar 01 to the same Acoustic Guitar track, following the first loop.

It is also a pretty long loop, and it sounds similar enough to Southern Rock Guitar 02 that they form a nice duo—an almost imperceptible variation, but enough difference to eliminate some of that repetitive feeling.

Drag the Southern Rock Guitar 01 loop out by one more full loop—another four measures—and play some (or all) of the resulting music.



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