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Haze-o-Matic drilled with a tapered sheet-metal bit. [Figure 09.09, Figure 09.10, Figure 09.11] Figure 09.09: Centering the fog juice inlet valve, gasket clearly visible. Figure 09.12: Sherbet dishes, or flanged fittings in the wild? Context is everything. Among my other dollar store good- ies were some of these dandy little sherbet dishes. They're stainless, and diametered at 4" on the top rim, 2 ½" on the bottom. The two sections are spot-welded together with three microscopic tack points. I could sepa- rate them with a quick twist, giving me ready-made flanged fittings that could be modified with 1" electrical conduit unions to provide attachment points for the inlet and outlet hoses. [Figure 09.12. Figure 09.13] Fitted with rubber gaskets, I attached them to the upper bowl with 6-32 bolts and nuts screwed through 1 / 8 " pilot holes after drilling out the face of the bowl to about an inch to complete the