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Haze-o-Matic Control Console Ri-i-ight . . . the control console. Almost the last bit of kit to cobble together; fortunately, I had both a plan and a pile of components to build from. To wit, a miniature coffee pot, a two-cup stainless steel thermos container, an aluminum pie plate and an 8" PAR can. 6 Now, this is one of those component-specific kludged together "bricolages" no one else in their right mind would ever consider attempting. It's also a pretty good illustration of bending mundane components to one's maniacal will, which is why I'm even bothering to detail it. The throat of the PAR can nested nicely with the top of the thermos container, and only needed to be notched to form "ears" that would let it be angle-adjustable. [Figure 09.61] I cut a template for the notch out of shim stock and used a hacksaw to remove the excess material. [Figure 09.62, Figure 09.63] The pivot axle is a 3" 10-32 bolt. The thumbwheel used to tighten the swivel mechanism was part of the focus mecha-