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MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle Figure 09.71: Thermoprobe heat transfer module is GO! Figure 09.72: An improvised vapour-sealed thermometer mount. What's not to love about the plumbing supply department? a rough drawing and a prayer to the Hole Gods later, I was rewarded with a close approximation of success. To vapour seal the thermometer pass-thru point, I hit my sup- ply of plumbing components and came up with a ¼" male-to- male compression union. I used a 3 / 16 " ID O-ring as the compres- sion washer, and gasketed the attachment point of the fitting with more inner-tube rubber to complete the air seal. These two rubber components inserted enough flex into the system to get me past my slightly off geometry after drilling and tapping a mounting screw hole in the bed of the frying pan. [Figure 09.72] During field testing of the thermoprobe, I mapped the operational temperature ranges of the system onto the thermometer gauge, made up a custom gauge plate to simplify the readout, then brute-forced its installation by breaking the sight glass out and gluing it in place with con- tact adhesive. [Figure 09.73, Figure 09.74] The fluid reservoir pressure gauge is a bit of a luxury, but having already ruptured one supply line, I wanted to keep an eye on any other impending mess. Enter the air pressure gauge. [Figure 09.75] 290