MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle Figure 09.59: A bit of cable loom and some zip ties take care of the exposed wiring. Figure 09.58: Drive mount, with motor assembly mounted on it. The #8 eyebolt at the bottom holds the assembly to the pipe and can be loosened to adjust it up or down. There was no need for a bushing on the junction of the drive arm and the top of the bellows. An 8-32 machine screw and nut through the eyebolt completed the connection after I'd sized the slot in the drive linkage to accommodate the full range of movement of the mechanism. The exposed section of the power cord for the drive motor was concealed with cable loom, and the rest of it threaded down the pipe and out through a ¼" hole in the bottom of the base, from which it will eventually lead to the control panel. Startlingly, the mechanism worked as spec'd the first time I powered it up, prompting several moments of exuberant fist- pumping self-congratulation. [Figure 09.60] 282