MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle Figure 09.50: Another round of gasket mania on the inflow valve Figure 09.51: Ready to assemble the top of the bellows Figure 09.52: Fold the dryer ducting over the upper lip of the top end cap, so that it's locked in place by the eyebolt. actuator arm of the drive mechanism attaches to a #8 x 2½" eyebolt located in the center of the film can. The extra length of the eyebolt serves as the attachment point for the stainless steel serving dish that acts as the top cap of the bellows. The bottom of the dish needed a few holes drilled in it to provide airflow in to the bellows, and the eyebolt mounts the serving dish with its upper rim firmly in contact with the gasket mate- rial on the bottom of the insert. [Figure 09.51, Figure 09.52] I cut the guideposts to 20"; they press-fitted tightly into the receiver holes in the base plate, and were glued in place one at a time with a dab of two-part epoxy after the align- ment was trued up with a square. 278