MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle get juice-pumpin' you get bubble-makin' too! That, friends , and neighbors, is entertainment. 1 Disassembled and cleaned up a tad, here's what I had: A 3" diameter acrylic tube, 18" long, with removable top and bottom and a piece of lamp rod sized to fit, and a cracked plastic base housing a diaphragm air compressor big enough to warrant rubber suspension shock mounts. [Figure 09.22] The lamp socket was battered enough to be discardable (quite a feat, considering the crap I find reasons to keep in inventory), but it didn't fit with my plans anyway. Converting the remnants of the bubble lamp into a pneu- matically charged fluid delivery system didn't involve a lot of work. Bending a piece of 1" x 1 / 8 " aluminum flatbar into a C shape to serve as a mount for the compressor was the only time I needed to even pick up a tape measure. The mounting bracket was shaped to cradle the pump, and drilled to fit the lamp rod extending from the bottom of the assembled cylin- der. [Figure 09.23] Two conveniently located screws on the compressor