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Chapter 6. The Gysin Device > The Cylinder - Pg. 186

Gysin Device the device will deliver an unadulterated 10.4 hertz, which is what's needed to achieve the desired alpha state. I'm includ- ing in the download package layouts for the traditional Gysin cylinder, a truncated Gysin cylinder that works with a 24" fluorescent tube, and my modified one, as well as layouts for flicker frequencies targeted within other ranges for your experimental consideration. My personal research indicates more pronounced effect using the modified alpha frequency layout. The theta and low alpha frequency layouts have yielded promising results in achieving trance states of vary- ing degrees, particularly when accompanied by second-party verbal guidance (which would be officially termed "hypnotic induction," for those of you with tendencies towards becom- ing Evil Criminal Masterminds commanding armies of hypno- tized minions in a bid for world domination). Figure 06.28: Same size at the platter, innit? The Cylinder Fabricating the cylinder is one of those deceptively simple trace-cut-glue jobs that works like a charm, provided that