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Chapter 6. The Gysin Device > Brain Waves - Pg. 183

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle Figure 06.24: The power switch is ready for its close- up, Mr. DeMille. inset the bezel, and stuck it in place with double-sided tape. The cap itself needed a little filing to reduce the diameter to a smooth fit in the case hole, but the threaded hole was the right size to tightly pressfit onto the switch actuator thingie. Some- times, ya get lucky. [Figure 06.24] The point is to think laterally in terms of components, par- ticularly in context of U.I.s: rummage around for unexpected combinations from multiple sources, and have an open mind. Slot the fluorescent tube, plug it in, and hit the switch. Wonder of wonders! A box with a spinning turntable and a light in the middle. [Figure 06.25] Damn . . . aren't we clever? On to the artfully perforated cylinder that this entire pre- amble build has been in support of. Brain Waves But first, let's talk about brain waves. EEGs have given us an accurate view of the "rhythm" of the brain: the frequencies of our brain waves when we're in various states of mind. Here's