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Chapter 6. The Gysin Device > The Cylinder - Pg. 189

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle Figure 06.32: Lay `em out on ¼" plywood and apply scroll/coping saw as needed. the surface, so do a good job, okay?) and get out the double- faced tape. My repeated attempts at forming the cylinder arrived at the following procedure. Apply tape to the bottom plate, the back side of the outer layer of the seam, and the front side of the inner layer. Peel the tape on the plate, and carefully roll the cylinder, starting at the right side (bottom seam layer) of the sheet. Roll the cylinder so that the seam is in contact with your work surface, and line up the overlaps accurately. Peel the tape one section at a time from the outer layer of the overlap, and seal the length of the seam. Repeat with the tape on the inner layer of the seam. Take heart -- you're only moments away from alpha wave nirvana. 8 Practice placing the top plate in position a few times before actually using adhesive. The trick is to insert the plate fully into the cylinder at a slight angle, invert the cylinder onto the floor and press the top plate down flush with the edge of the cylinder, using a yardstick inserted through the donut hole. If your measurements and assembly to this point are accurate, it should be a snug fit that doesn't actually strain the seams; you can finesse the diameter of the top plate slightly if need be, but do try to keep it round. When you're comfortable with the process required, brush the inside of the top of the cylin- der with contact cement and let it set for five minutes. Then, brush the outer rim of the top plate with contact cement, and quickly position the plate before the cement has a chance to set up. You'll still be able to press the plate into position with- out the glue grabbing excessively, and when it sets up you'll have a solid bond. You'll also have a completed Gysin device, as soon as you place the cylinder over the fluorescent tube and center the doughnut on the platter. [Figure 06.35] Instructions for use? Get comfy in front of it, turn it on, and close your eyes. Let the flickers knock on your eyelids, and, to quote one Mr. John Lennon, "Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream." 9 Lemme know what happens. 8 Perhaps a poor choice of terms. Urban legend has it that Mr. Kurt Cobain, leader of popular beat music group Nirvana, had been logging upwards of 10 hours a day using his recently acquired Gysin device in the days leading up to his unfortunate (and fatal) greenhouse incident. 9 "Tomorrow Never Knows" from Revolver, Lennon's acknowledged first psychaedelic song, and the only Beatles song to list Lennon as the sole songwriter. Aficionados looking for an energetically alternative Figure 06.33: The quick 'n' dirty template location jig interpretation of this timeless classic are well advised to seek out a recording of T.N.K. by the quite excellent Phil Manzanera/Brian Eno ensemble 801, from their Live album. 178