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Chapter 6. The Gysin Device > The Cylinder - Pg. 187

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle gonna cross that material off our list of potentials right from the start, and explore other alternatives. We need a stiff but formable material that can be cut with relative ease, and which will maintain its vertical strength with about 80% of the sheet cut away. It has to be light enough not to overtax the turntable drive mechanism, and it has to be affordable enough to let us make (purely for research purposes, doncha know) a bunch of different variations on the original concept without causing fiscal collapse. Those of you with a larger fabrication budget than I have can rustle up a 34" x 27" piece of brass shim stock, send it off with the downloadable 1:1 cutting diagram to a waterjet cutting shop and receive back a mathematically precisely cut piece of metal that will bend to shape effortlessly while retaining admirable structural integrity. The last row of cut- outs in the diagram overlaps with the first row to form your seam, which can be joined with contact cement or double faced tape. Form it around a piece of 10" OD PCV piping, slide it off, then position the top and bottom plywood discs with contact cement and escutcheon pins and you're done, you