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Chapter 6. The Gysin Device > Brain Waves - Pg. 185

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle Figure 06.27: My cunningly modified layout, which serves up a solid 10.4-hertz flicker for your alpha wave satisfaction, and coincidentally scales to our 24" tube length with admirable precision. getting the proper frequency, and that's just a matter of doing the math -- which we're gonna do now. Our turntable spins at 78 RPM, or 1.3 revolutions per second. Therefore, the frequency of flashing is X * 1.3, with X representing the number of perforations around the cir- cumference of the cylinder. Our target frequency is the Alpha range of 7 to 13 cycles per second, so X = 8 gives a frequency of 10.4 hertz, just about midpoint of the alpha wave frequency range. Not coincidentally, a glance at Gysin's original cylinder diagram reveals that's exactly the number of openings per row in his cylinder. I'm about to commit some kinda beat generation sacrilege and question Gysin's original concept. This has annoyed me for years, actually. Hear me out. The offset of the alternating rows in Gysin's diagram is problematic, to my mind. At any viewing distance greater than rightupascloseasthis, you're receiving 20.8 hertz, which is decidedly not what we're looking for. There's some obviously 174