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Chapter 6. The Gysin Device > What You'll Need - Pg. 175

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle The method illustrated provides solid freestanding verti- cal support for T12 tubes up to 36" in length by using 1 1 / 2 " ID PVC piping to house the tube terminal assemblies. The extended bottom pipe cradles the tube securely and houses the threaded adaptor used to mount the entire assembly on the turntable center axle. The upper terminal assembly slides onto the tube's lugs snugly and securely, completing the circuit with only a single conductor visible between top and bottom. This project is scaled for a 24" fluorescent tube: you'll need a 20-watt ballast to power it. You can safely use 16-gauge insulated wire for your harness, which will make for a comfortable fit as you snake it through the labyrinth. If you boldly decide to scale up to a 36" 30-watt tube, you'll need 14-gauge wire for your harness. [Figure 06.09] The only potentially problematic aspect of this particular design is interfacing the light assembly with the turntable axle. Now would be the ideal time to spring for a tap and die set. The easiest way around the challenge is to tap threads into the axle hole, then cobble together an adaptor that will accom- modate threaded lamp rod at one end and the threading of the