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Chapter 6. The Gysin Device > Stable Illumination - Pg. 173

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle Figure 06.04: A stepped diameter shaft that rotates against the main drive wheel controls the speed; all that's needed is to lock the shaft at the correct height. For once, this proved to be exactly as easily done as said. Figure 06.05: The nonrotating automatic changer mechanism is the key factor in the industrial design of this project. When confronted with such a mechanism, you may experience intensely traumatic memories of your mom and dad, their Walter Ostanek LPs, and the polka parties they used to host every month. I feel your pain. When the turntable platter itself is removed, we are left with a hollow nonrotating main axle that we'll tap threads into to secure the mounting system for a standard T12 fluorescent tube. Add a bit of imaginative wiring bodging and the end result is a smoothly rotating 78 RPM platter with a fixed position light source extending up from the center point. Un morceau de gâteau, really. [Figure 06.06, Figure 06.07] Gysin spec'd his cylinder at a height of 36", but he was using a hanging incandescent bulb as a light source. We're using fluorescent lighting, which raises a few issues. The lampholder assembly can comfortably accommodate tubes up to 36" long, but requires at least a couple of inches of clearance top and bottom, raising the minimum cylinder height to 40" (which is actually about 6" too short to fully utilize the available lighting area). 162