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Chapter 6. The Gysin Device > Stable Illumination - Pg. 172

Gysin Device The mathematics for the perforated cylinder are optimized for use on a turntable spinning at 78 RPM. This is not a per- formance feature you'll find on a Technics 1200, which means you'll be venturing into flea market/swap meet territory for your main component. Get a 'table with an automatic record changer mechanism, such as this 50s BSR direct drive unit. [Figure 06.02] It's a pressed metal pan with a main axle and changer spindle, a drive motor, and a friction-based drive train to transfer the rotation to the removable platter. We only need the drive assembly, main axle, and the minimum speed control componentry necessary to lock the RPMs at 78. [Figure 06.03] Removing the elongated spindle mechanism is as simple as pulling the pin on the underside of the carriage and remov- ing the rod. (Other manufacturers accomplish the same effect with various combinations of split rings and threaded pipe.) [Figure 06.04, Figure 06.05]