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Chapter 4. Maple Mike: > The Club: Not That Thing You Clamp Onto Your Steering ... - Pg. 140

Nano Project 4 Figure N4.03: View from the bottom. Figure N4.04: In action. can use a pair of them and two rigid anythings to make a serious press clamp. [Figure N4.02, Figure N4.03] Keep a handful around the shop for emergency klampenschtuff solutions that you haven't thought of yet. [Figure N4.04] This is a pretty versatile drill press clamp that I bodged together in less than ten minutes and that will solidly position stock up to about 2" thick on my drill press table. Cutting a V-notch into the jaw to facilitate pipe clamping increases the useful factor even more. Here's what you need if you want to fabricate one: · 6" of maple 1" x 1" Figure N4.05: Assemble like this. · A cam mechanism with a 4" bolt, rectangular nut · A 1 / 4 -20 T-nut and about 3" of matching threaded rod 129