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Chapter 4. Maple Mike: > Hey! Let's Build the Trigger! - Pg. 129

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle Figure 04.23: Revealed at Last! Cammed Trigger Lever's Shocking Details! "It's nothing but 16-gauge brass," says "close friend." Figure 04.24: The exploded view of the trigger reveals yet another unavoidably high part count. You'll be doing the drill 'n' tap routine on two more holes in the ferrule a bit later. At this time, we'd like to interrupt your regularly scheduled Making for a special report. trigger compression spring. I used one harvested from a late model Smith Corona manual typewriter, 4 although I've seen similarly spec'd items in use in early-edition VCRs. There are a number of different kinds of springs; 4 Disconcertingly, my memory is such that I can recall at a glance the provenance of about 99% of the components I have at my disposal. I still have trouble with my postal code after ten years, but by gar, I can tell you exactly where that black anodized 10-32 Torx head machine screw came from. It's really freakin' annoying. The Rites of Springs: Roll Your Own Boinginess I like springs -- there are three or four big bins of 'em in my parts archive, collected from everything I've disassembled over the last eight or nine years. We're at the point in this build where we need to consider the oh-so-critical 118