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Chapter 4. Maple Mike: > The Clubholder Assembly - Pg. 120

Maple Mike Figure 04.07: A Young Person's Illustrated Guide to the Tension Advantage of the Eccentric Pulley Set a dowel, reclamp the assembly and set it aside to cure. [Figure 04.09] Figure 04.08: Back to the drill press: cutting the bungie guide groove into the cam wheel. (Not shown: asthma inducing cloud of sawdust.) When the finished clubholder assembly is out of the clamps, clean up the dowelling, then mark and drill out the mounting holes for the club shaft and the trigger latchpoints. Drilling holes is a lot like real estate, when ya think about it. The three most important factors in each? Location, location, location. [Figure 04.10] Figuring out where to put the holes danged near caught my brain on fire. My master reference point for the entire process was the line running center-to-center between the cams' original midpoint, and the off-axis hole that provides the eccentricity. The hole positions and alignment of the cam on the club- holder were determined in context of the long and short of the cam. [Figure 04.11] To maximize the advantage provided by the cam, the dead bottom of the club movement was offset 45 degrees from the long point of the cam. The bungee attachment point came next, calculated around the stretchability of the material; I wanted to max out the stretch of the "at rest" length of bun- gee in 180 degrees of rotation (give or take). With the attachment point sussed out, I built in a bit of adjustability by adding three different trigger latchpoints 109