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Maple Mike 30 degrees Figure 04.02: The skeletal Maple Mike. assembly, trigger mechanism, and bungee tensioning sys- tem. The chassis mounts onto a baseplate sized to provide proper stability on your desktop. There's a lot of room for design mods in this form factor; the next one of these I build will incorporate a turntable mechanism into the base plate to facilitate targeting, quick-change club heads, and a flexible club shaft. And it's gonna be bigger. W-a-a-ay bigger. Overscale bigger. I'm thinkin' powered-by-garage-door-springs-with-softballs- as-projectiles bigger. Five-pound-club-head bigger. I digress. Prior to fabrication I had a number of distinctly different tangents for the build on the drawing board; one used com- ponents mostly harvested from a bargain-basement drum kit kick drum pedal, and had a distinctly mid-50s Eastern bloc weapons research lab design aesthetic. As is the wont of most musicians I know, I have no small number of such things strewn casually about my flat. Recognizing the fact that not a lot of you share this circumstance, I opted for my plan B design, which relies on more accessible components such as wood, brass, springs, and bungee cords. The design aesthetic of this concept more closely resembles an early eighteenth- century maritime navigation device. At this stage in my career, I cannot foresee ever being at ease with designing something that doesn't look like it's supposed to be something else entirely. Be aware of this potential pitfall-ridden path: you may choose to embrace it or eschew it, but be cognizant of it dur- ing your design phase. [Figure 04.02] Once again, I digress. You'll drop the majority of your money shopping/forag- ing for this build at lumberyards and scrap yards: You'll need four feet of 1 / 4 "x4" hardwood (I used poplar), four feet of 1" x 4" hardwood (which will measure out to a little over 3 / 4 " thickness, despite what the label says at the lumberyard), and a foot or so of hardwood 2" x 4", which you'll likely end up having to laminate together from 1" x 4". I used maple for these last two items, fulfilling the "Maple Mike" monicker. At the scrapyard, pick up a few inches of 1" brass rod, a foot of 1 4 " brass rod, and a 6" x 6" piece of 3 / 32 " brass plate, then hit the hardware store for some 1 / 4 -20 threaded rod, half a dozen acorn nuts, and some 1 / 4 " hardwood dowel. Make a quick swing past the thrift shop for a pair of budget rollerblades (unless you've already accumulated a usable stash of bearing assemblies). You'll be making another pur- chasing pilgrimage later in the build when it's time to source some elastic to power Maple Mike. Bungee material works, but you may want to explore other options such as rubber 105