MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle then stepped down to finer grades, buffing out the exposed edges of the acrylic to fully transparent with 1500-grit polish- ing paper and white toothpaste as a final rubbing compound. Your goal is to make the struts as transparent and invisible as possible to enhance the WTF factor of the illusion. I tried a few different adhesives before settling on cyano- acrylate. The gelled kind was easiest to work with and gives a bond approaching the strength of a solvent-based glue without the nasty fumes and potential for surface damage. Be precise with your component placement, and level out the final footprint thoroughly to give a solid, wobble-free support structure. Buff the cloudiness out of the bottom surfaces, fit the endcap in place, and gaze in awe at your magically bal- ancing handiwork. The elbow I used had a handy flat spot on one side where the manufacturer's part number had been moulded. When sanded smooth, it was the ideal place for the AC cord. I undersized the hole 1 / 32 " and pressure-fitted 6" of cord into the elbow, then used a cable tie around the cord inside to lock it in place. [Figure 08.09]