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Chapter 8. Liquid Len Meets DiscoHead: > Driving the Liquid - Pg. 258

Liquid Len Meets DiscoHead "items." You see them in dollar-store picture frames all the time. The glass is usually about 3 mm thick. Separate two disks with a donut-shaped gasket cut to provide a fill hole, glue the whole mess together, and you have a hollow slide ready to be filled with printer cartridge refilling syringes. Once filled, you can plug the hole with a dab of glazing compound and Bob's yer uncle. I tried a few different gasket materials and found that the plastic lid from a CD jewel case worked well, and was a good thickness. Cut the gasket to a diameter slightly smaller than that of the disks, and use an even coat of gel cyanoacrylate to glue the slide together. Fill the groove in the edge formed by the under- sized gasket with glazing compound as a failsafe fluid seal. Your completed liquid slide is gonna be in the neighbor- hood of ¼" thick. [Figure 08.56] Any good pharmacy 11 will sell you pure, heavy mineral oil. It's thicker than baby oil and is thankfully free of that smell, which is guaranteed to trigger catatonia-inducing flashbacks in anyone who has ever changed a diaper. For colour, food colouring is readily available and works like a charm. You may Driving the Liquid The chassis is formed from a pair of 4" disks cut from 3 / 4 " MDF. Bond them together temporarily with double-faced tape during the final edge sanding to ensure that they're identical, then carefully fine-tune the size so that they snugly into the case when slid in through the top opening. Leave the disks taped together for the moment. Use a hole saw to cut the mounting holes for the lamp and lens assemblies through the center point of the disks. If you're planning on implimenting the travel limiting lip on the lens mount (as discussed earlier), now's the time to do it. The final stage of the build is fabricating the drive mecha- nism for the liquid slide. I could have taken the ultimate easy way out and sourced a low-RPM gear motor from any number of local and online vendors. But I didn't. I could have taken a DIYers easy way out, and tweezed a cassette player drive mechanism to do the job. But I didn't do that either.