MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle Find the following 4" white PVC pipe fittings: · A 90-degree elbow (male-to-female) · A 45-degree Y-joint (male-to-male-to-male, if you can find it, male-to-male-to-female if that's all they have) · Endcaps (3) · A 4" to 2" adaptor · 1 foot of 2" PVC pipe · A 2" male-to-female PVC pipe fitting. While you're in the plumbing section, get a few other interesting-looking fittings in various diameters, like male- to-female adaptors, reduction fittings, flushout fittings: raw materials from which you can surgically harvest crucial bits and pieces to make the whole project come together. · The uncoated clear plastic discs they put on the top and bottom of spindles of CDRs/DVDRs to make it look like you get more for your money (2) · Some rubber bands, bits and pieces of wood for your glass cutting jig, a can of PVC pipe cement, and about a pound of modelling clay Tool-wise, you need a glass cutter. They're available priced starting at about 5 bucks for a turret-wheeled traditional style. That's what I use these days, with a jar of light machine oil on the side for cutting fluid. Spend 10 more dollars and get a pencil-grip supercutter with a reservoir handle, which autofeeds cutting fluid into the headpath to make smooth, flakeless scoring a painless experience. If you have the bud- get, field test a pistol-grip cutter. A lot of first-time glass cut- ters find them easier to use, and they're definitely less strain on the wrist and fingers. Glass workers have a couple of different specialty plier styles in their toolbox: We're improvisin' here, people. Work with me. You also need: