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Chapter 8. Liquid Len Meets DiscoHead: > Driving the Liquid - Pg. 260

Liquid Len Meets DiscoHead Sheesh . . . one more time: 78.125 * 0.125 = 9.77 RPM Riiiiight. With this drive train, we have a ½"-diameter wheel spinning at a bit under 10 RPM. Let's do a friction drive on the liquid slide (2 ½" +/­ diameter) with that and see what happens. First, the ratio: 0.5 / 2.5 = 0.2 Apply that ratio to 9.77 RPM: 9.77 * 0.2 = 1.94 Woo (as they say) hoo. Just what we're lookin' for. Isn't it cool when the math turns out just the way you want it? The challenge now is to physically render the mathematics. It's just like 3DS Max, only real. Theoretically, there are a lot of ways to lay out this drive train. Using components derived solely from toy cars limits the options considerably, and the physical constraints of the chassis and case cramp matters even moreso: the 4" diam- eter of the chassis cannot be compromised if it's gonna slot into the case properly.