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Chapter 8. Liquid Len Meets DiscoHead: > Into the Fray - Pg. 245

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle Figure 08.41: Ta-da. Figure 08.40: Len, meet Jack and the missus: a kludged-together quick-release EPS coupling makes the inevitable dissasemble­tweak mechanism­ reassemble cycle a lower-magnitude pain in the ass. In the material list for this project, I spec'd plain end caps in two locations. The piece I built actually used a 4" to 3" adaptor and an oversized adaptor ring cut from another fit- 7 In the 80s, I worked at a fairly well-known audio gear manufacturer, initially in the final QC booths, then in Production Engineering and R&D. During that time, I worked with a maniacal designer guy named George Krampera, who introduced me to Johnny Electron. Proudly Moravian, Kramps was the proto-Maker. Instrument amplifiers and speaker cabs were his specialty. He earned his wings doing tech support for Iron Curtain­era Czechoslovakian rawk bands, which meant improvising and repurposing just about every conceivable piece of gear and componentry ting to form a cap that looked more like the exhaust port from a 50s Space Patrol rocketship. [Figure 08.38, Figure 08.39] Given the location of the AC cord and power switch, mounting the wall-wart transformer on the rear cap (what- ever form it may take) is the obvious solution. Carefully extract the transformer from its case and goop the damned thing in place in the center of the end cap with glazing compound. Hardwire the leads of the AC cord to the prongs using the "solder and shrink tube" method detailed in the nano project at the end of this chapter, or directly to the PCB of the wallwart. To make installation and servicing of the projector mechanism significantly easier, use a jack/plug combina- tion on the DC side of the wiring harness, with a 8" or 9" lead. Once you've wired up the case side of the electri- cal harness and ensured that Johnny Electron 7 is flowing from nonmusical sources. Combine that with a thorough state-provided education in electronics and a weirdly intuitive approach to problem solving, and Kramps was a completely inspirational guy to watch work. Kinda scary though: he thought nothing of swapping components in and out of 300-watt tube amps while the amp was still powered up and under load, armed with only his trusty Weller soldering gun. There'd be sparks flyin' all over the place, but if he ever got shocked, it never showed. He'd just shrug it off and say, "I have a good relation with Johnny Electron." 234