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Chapter 8. Liquid Len Meets DiscoHead: > Mirroring the Head - Pg. 241

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle on the alloy, with standard domestic glass and mirror being somewhat harder by comparison with a Mohs between 5 and 6. The glass, being harder than the brass, will resist scratch- ing by the bristles of the brush within reason (this means "don't get overzealous"). Low RPMs and light pressure, with the occasional wipedown of methyl hydrate, will do a pretty good job of getting rid of residual silicon. Avoid using mineral-based solvents, which will dissolve the stryofoam form almost instantaneously. It's a neat effect to see, but mostly counterproductive to the goal of having a com- pleted project that doesn't require a soup spoon to pick up. When the leftover adhesive has been exorcised, give the mirroring a gentle polish with window cleaner, and dry it with a lint-free cloth. Now that it's clean, install the head back onto the turntable base, point a spotlight at it (it's gonna have to do . . . we're not building the light projector until tomorrow), pull up the Sat- urday Night Fever soundtrack on your media center, and get down wif your own bad self. [Figure 08.31] Pretty simple, huh? Now, who's gonna volunteer to mirror tile an entire mannequin? Figure 08.32: 1 PVC Y connector, 0 extra components, 3 useful projection angles 230