Liquid Len Meets DiscoHead Cutting the Mirror Tiles: They Will Not Cut You Back! 2 The mirror tile cutting jig is a dead simple fabrication. What we're building has to hold the sheet of glass firmly at right angles to a straight edge, and the straight edge must provide a broad smooth surface for the side of the glass cutter to traverse. [Figure 08.21] Other than that, the dimensions are yours to decide. You can use medium-density fiberboard (MDF) for most of the build. If you have MDF with plastic laminate on hand, use it for the base, bottom edge guide, and outside edge of the straight edge. Your glass is (should be) 3 mm thick, which is just under 1 / 8 ". The underside of the straight edge should just clear the surface of the glass, which may require some judicious sanding to get right. Cutting glass is simple. It's "score and snap." Very little