Liquid Len Meets DiscoHead tion in the drive train is something to work towards. Dig out a couple of the uncoated CDR blanks 1 they pad out spindles with and reduce their diameters to slightly less than the wooden disks you've already made. Dress the edges nice and smooth with 600-grit paper. These slip plates are the closest things to bearings the mechanism is going to have, so neat- ness counts. [Figure 08.14] Fit the assembled drivemount into place, then slot a 6" length of spit shaft into the receiver. One of your resized CD blanks goes over the shaft and is stuck to the main plate of the turntable with . . . er . . . something sticky. I used a few drops of cyanoacrylate. [Figure 08.15] To form the head base assembly, the foam head form must be trimmed to fit into the top opening of the elbow, while at the same time transitioning in profile from "head" to "drainpipe" in a non-ugly manner. There's not a lot of prior art for this pro- cess, so consider yourself a bit of an industrial design pioneer. I used the 1 / 8 " x 4¼" plywood disk as a template, rough-trimmed the foam with a utility knife, then completed the forming and trued up the edge with abrasive-faced block of wood. If you