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Chapter 1. Introduction > What a Bunch of Tools - Pg. 14

Introduction components you source, which makes a "big picture" view of the mechanism essential. When this occurs, hit the drawing board/CAD app and start dealing with specifics. Your parts list will shuffle itself into three categories: parts you've found and repurposed, parts you have to buy, and parts you have to fabricate from scratch. You now have a firm grasp of the task ahead. Cool. If you have any blanks in the skill set required to deal realistically with the job at hand, now would be the time to learn stuff. This learning may lead to the discovery of blanks in your tool set, at which point the financial realities of pursuing Plan A may spur heightened enthusiasm for Plan B -- so be prepared. customizing and accessorizing less of an ordeal, and more of an obsession. Once again, having the will to adapt is essential. The Great Cosmic Random presents unexpected options much more frequently than most people care to acknowledge. When they become apparent to you, embrace them with confidence and enthusiasm. Field test the finished device Use what you build. A lot. Pay attention to how it functions, how it handles the strains of operation, and how easy it is to use. If you're lucky, you'll be able to patch any problem areas before long-term damage occurs; at the very least, you'll learn what not to do on Rev 2.0. Get someone else to use it, and pay attention to how they interact with what you've built. If they have issues, deal with them. You're gonna be hearing, "Whoooaa . . . is that ever cool! Can I try it?" more often than you ever imagined. Don't disappoint the masses! You might want to keep Plans B and C handy, in case a radical rework or two are needed. And when you're well Fabricate the damned thing Projects define themselves as a series of subassemblies. Consider the sequence of these events carefully, both from an efficiency standpoint and from an assembly standpoint. Wherever possible, make disassembly as easy as assembly.