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Chapter 1. Introduction > The Right Stuff... - Pg. 22

Introduction Dressmakers' elastic Once again, the needle-and-thread contingent comes through with an amazingly useful product (even if we are repurposing a tad). I found this stuff at the local sewing supply shop in widths from 1 / 2 " to about 4", priced at around three bucks for a hundred-foot roll. Picture a near-endless piece of elastic waistband from industrial strength boxers and you've got it. Clamping an irregularly shaped glue-up? Need even pressure applied all the way around? This stuff is the answer. Wrap the WIP (work in progress) in question in this stuff, from every direction, and wait for nature to run its course on the glue consistency. I find 1" and 3" widths to be the handiest. Numerous vises Bench vise, drill press vise, woodworking vise, tilting vise, jewelers' vise -- you can never have too many ways to hold your work solidly in position while you do stuff to it. I'm a bench vise traditionalist, for the most part. Gimme "Strong Like Bull" over "Gosh, Aren't I Clever and Versatile" any day of the week. That said, I have an unseemly number of vises in the shop. Use whatever you like, but use something. You'll need to make some wooden or leather covers for the jaws if you don't have something appropriate already, to protect the surface of whatever slab of expensive wood/metal that ends up clamped in them from getting chewed up. If I catch you going out and paying for jaw covers, expect an interesting late-night visit from tool ninjas. [Figure 01.12] Other A couple more. Propane torch Just yer basic propane torch, with a tin of plumbers paste flux and a spool of joint solder. [Figure 01.13] Rubber mallet Our old friend, the blunt instrument. The Right Stuff . . . A big factor in Improvisational Fabrication is material selection: the right stuff for the task at hand, as it were. Knowing material