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Chapter 1. Introduction > The Secret Language of Scrap Yards - Pg. 28

Introduction #2 Copper wire Multistrand consumer electronic wiring: AC cords, audio, CAT5, and other data cable, that kinda stuff. This is another commodity that often comes into a yard in full roll quantities that are an absolute bargain if you do a lot of cable runs. I hit Capital Salvage on a good day once and got 100 yards of high-end Belden three-conductor-plus-woven- shield audio cabling for a ten-spot. Lost the next three days obsessively designing, fitting, and soldering up a custom wiring harness for my V-Drums, but that's another story. BX wire This is #1 copper wire in that flexible aluminum armour. Gives a nice Mad Max vibe to your wiring projects, and the empty aluminum cladding is useful in countless other applications. Brass Comes in innumerable yellow and red alloys. The price the yard buys at varies on how much other stuff has to be removed to leave clean (read: "no other metal attached to it") brass. The selling price is generally at a par with the yard's upstream selling price. Plumbing fittings, ornamental Figure No. 01.15: A "scoop" of assorted aluminum extrusion.