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Chapter 1. Introduction > What a Bunch of Tools - Pg. 20

Introduction single one) thought the term "woodworking tool" was a colloquialism for "sex toy." Sheesh. Ergonomic and industrial design issues aside, they're really quite useful. [Figure 01.08] Belt/disk bench sander Personally, I prefer a sanding belt running in the vertical plane. My little Delta 1" belt/5" disk model cost about 80 bucks at Canadian Tire. The cool thing about this wee beastie is the ability to remove the back plate from the belt path, leaving you with an amazingly useful flexible sanding surface. Curves can coexist with right angles and straight lines, and this tool lets you approach forming curves in a very controlled freestyle manner. The stick-on abrasive discs are invariably optimistically priced by the retailer. See: Sandpaper, Aerosol contact cement, Razor knife, and Compass, and make your own. [Figure 01.09] Bench grinder Removing large amounts of metal? Buffing up a high gloss? Save time: get one of these; collect every overachieving wheel, pad, and brush you can find for it; and spend the time you save foraging for components.