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Chapter 1. Introduction > What a Bunch of Tools - Pg. 19

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle drawing smooth polyradial curves. Now, do not mistake me for a Luddite in any way, shape or form; I do 95% of my design work digitally. The other 5%, where I'm finessing the visual aesthetic and trying to make a curve work with the grain and texture of a specific material, I use a French curve. You're a CAD uberuser with no pretension towards artsy- fartsy nonsense? You don't need it. [Figure 01.07] But if you had one, you'd use it, because it's handy. Sticky Stuff Wood glue Real wood glue, dammit. Not that minty fresh white stuff preschoolers eat. Double-faced tape The regular stuff and the foam-backed stuff. Thread adhesive Think "chemical lock washer." I use the semi-permanent stuff from Loc-Tite. It's pink, and smells ghastly, but it does exactly what it is intended to do, which makes it easy to overlook the hideous odour. Figure 01.07: Ooh (as zey say) la la: the French curve