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Chapter 1. Introduction > What a Bunch of Tools - Pg. 15

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle Saws Let's talk about saws first. There are about 8 billion different kinds of them, and at some point in your Maker career, you're going to wish you owned each and every one of them. I've built my toolset by buying to need: I needed to mill stock out of bigger chunks of wood. If you personally feel motivated enough to do that with a handsaw, I salute you, and when you're in town, the walnut martinis are on me. Me, I bought a table saw. Or "rescued" a table saw, actually, having come across the legendary Rockwell Beaver alone, unloved and abandoned in the laneway behind a soon-to-be demolished Italian restaurant of dubious repute. Table saws are the undisputed king of the shop: loud, dangerous, and effective: everything a power tool should be. That lets me mill stock, do compound miter cuts with pretty good accuracy, and make sawdust with alarming efficiency. They're very hackable tools, and can be jigged and modded for countless other tasks. There exists a thriving aftermarket accessories sector, with countless manufacturers offering miraculous-sounding bolt-on geegaws, gizmos, and I need a band saw" moments. When it finally happens, I'll be prepared. Thanks again, Joey. I needed to cut doweling off flush with surfaces; I bought a Kugihiki, which is a Japanese flush-cutting handsaw. The teeth on the flexible blade are kerfed in one direction only, which protects the surface you're flush-cutting from damage. The saw cuts on both the push and the pull strokes so it practically melts through wood. Nothing short of miraculous, actually. You need one, if only to impress visitors I needed to cut metal; I bought large and small hacksaw frames, and keep 'em filled with the best blades I can afford. That's the thing about hacksaws: the frame just holds the blade in place. Love the blade, not the frame, as it were. Now, I know a lot of you are thinking: "What's he on about with hacksaws? I possess the mystical Dremel, king of all of tools! Materials of all ilk bow before my mighty cutting power." Uh huh . . . well, knock yourself out, Mr. Weensy Abrasive Disk. Send us a postcard when you finish cutting up that 1" x 1" copper bus bar. I've had the same handsaws for years, and frankly, none of