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Chapter 7. iBlow > The Chassis - Pg. 202

iBlow The wiring harness is minimal: the fan and motor are wired in parallel to pins 1 and 4 of the USB socket, which can fit just about anywhere, as it's an efficiently designed mechanical inter- face. The on-off switch goes inline on the hot lead, with the resis- tor inline on the lead feeding the drive motor. The Chassis The chassis is based on a sandwich of 1" MDF (the actual dimension is 7 / 8 "). Sandwiching two pieces together lets us get fancy and hide the fan assembly and motor in the middle of the piece, so that only the pulley rigging and bubble wheel are visible from the outside. Cut two pieces 2 3 / 8 " wide. Length isn't a factor yet; we can trim it to size later. The minimum length needed to hold all the bits is 6". Temporarily join them together with double-faced tape and true up the edges, then mark the hole positions and drill 3 / 32 " pilot holes through the back surface and about half an inch into the inside face of the front chassis piece. [Figure 07.05] Drill the fan hole out with a 2" holesaw; take your time,