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Chapter 7. iBlow > The Bubble Wheel - Pg. 206

iBlow Finishing and feeding Zoinks! The internal stuff is almost done. Use a continuity tester to confirm the locations of pins 1 and 4 on your USB socket, and heat up your soldering iron. Connect the leads in parallel, and put the 10-ohm resistor inline on the lead feeding the drive motor to lower the current and slow the motor down a tad (as part of the quest for a 5-RPM wheel speed). [Figure 07.16, Figure 07.17] Now that you've done all the mucking about with the wooden bits, you can ponder your finish options. It's something that needs to be done before final assembly takes place. A thorough sand- ing followed by a coat of 30-cut shellac and three coats of white enamel will do a pretty good job of capturing the iStuff aesthetic, if you want to pursue that line of visuals. Once you've done the surface prep, assemble the empty chassis with a sheet of paper separating the front and back sections, and mask off the instal- lation points for the hook-and-loop reservoir attachments on the front face before proceeding with the paint application. Fight the urge to watch the paint dry by making the remaining components.