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Chapter 7. iBlow > Putting it all together - Pg. 220

Nano Project 7 stock. Once the stock is rounded, you can increase spindle speed and start getting artistic. (Google up further lathe techniques. There's no end of woodturning enthusiasts in the world, though be forewarned they'll laugh at your bodged together drill press hack. Tough rocks.) You can sand and fin- ish right on the lathe as well, which is very handy. Get the tool rest out of the way first though, okay? [Figure N7.16] The first thing you're gonna notice about turning wood (or turning anything, for that matter) is how quickly your tools go dull. Keep 'em sharp, kids: it's the Maker way. The next thing you'll notice is how freakin' hot your tools can get if you're not paying attention. Hot tool = broken temper = will no longer hold an edge = many new cuss words. So pay attention. Now go make something round.