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Chapter 7. iBlow > Putting it all together - Pg. 216

Nano Project 7 Guess what? If you actually had a real center punch right now, you could use it to position the alignment pins. Center punches come in sets, like drill bits. They're smooth-sided cylinders, accurately sized to specific hole diameters, with a punch point milled into dead center of one end. Need to mark dead center of a predrilled hole on undrilled stock? Position the two pieces of stock, stuff the right-sized center punch into the hole, whack it with a hammer, and your hole location is accurately marked and prepunched. [Figure N7.04] You can't imagine how useful this can be. The center-punch-deficient among you can get by with careful use of an appropriately sized drill bit. Anyway, get some alignment pins in place. They can just be suitably sized scraps of hardwood glued onto the base, if you aren't feeling the love for dowelling. Once the glue has set up, the glue points can be reinforced with dowels or nails. Just make sure the fit is snug and secure and you're good to go. [Figure N7.05] Figure N7.07: The exploded spindle . . . . . . now seen tightened, Loctited and trimmed to fit. The spindle itself is a pointy piece of threaded rod. The point needs to be centered precisely on the long axis, which is actu-