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Chapter 7. iBlow > The Bubble Wheel - Pg. 208

iBlow Figure 07.21: CD spindle case/2 + g00p = reservoir bubble-wheel holder is made by cutting the disc retention widget from the center of a CD jewel case and epoxying it onto a scrap of ¼" acrylic. When the adhesive has cured, sand it to shape and drill and tap the centerpoint for ¼-20 threads. [Figure 07.19] Fabricating the bubble wheel is seriously easier if you take the time to fabricate a drilling jig. Start with a scrap of 1 4 " plywood, and mark a 4¾" circle on it. Draw in concen- / tric circles, decreasing successive diameters by ½", then use a protractor to divide the circles at 30-degree intervals to provide you with a usable array of nicely spaced hole targets. Harvest another retention widget from a jewel case, and set it at the centerpoint with double-faced tape (10 extra Maker points if you countersink the widget so that the plastic surrounding the retention clips is flush with the surface of the plywood). Trim the whole thing to fit the table of your drill press, and enjoy stress-free hole-drillin' thrills. 3 [Figure 07.20] The bubble juice reservoir is a no-brainer, provided you have the right adhesive. We're using a CD for the bubble