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Chapter 10. Hammerhead Live: > Tuning the Mechanism - Pg. 356

Hammerhead Attach the pillow block/pin drum assembly to the deck, position the drivebelt and test the drivetrain. If the belt slips, add a few wraps of PVC electrical tape to the drive shaft. This'll boost the grip of the shaft considerably. [Figure 10.84, Figure 10.85] The actuator arm transfer nodes can be epoxied in place. Screw a row of event pins into the pin drum. You want a straight line of them, all the same height. Rotate the pindrum to position the trailing edge of the acorn nuts at 12 o'clock, then adjust the actuator block positions to line up exactly touching the pins. Tighten the actuator block locking screws. [Figure 10.86] Assemble the seven hammer arm subassemblies, and mount them on the deck. I'm assuming that you've already determined the general layout of your instruments and associated hammer lengths. It's a close fit to get the transfer nodes lined up and moving and functioning without adja- cent nodes making contact. You'll need to spend some time adjusting both the position of the hammer arm nodes on the arms and the exact angle of the arm assemblies relative to