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Chapter 10. Hammerhead Live: > The Main Deck - Pg. 326

Hammerhead With the pin drum assembly essentially completed, the rest of the mechanism gets assembled on the deck around it. So fabricate the deck. The Main Deck Pull out a 2' x 2' slab of ¾" plywood, and shape it into something aesthetically satisfying. Personally, I opted for the ever popular "intersect a circle with a square" approach, with the pin drum centered a few inches in from the square end. This form factor keeps the scale of the levers involved at a reasonable size, but demands a bit of imagination to fit a full complement of percussion instrumentation into the works. This is not a problem, since we're all about imagination, aren't we? [Figure 10.27] AREN'T WE?? That's better. Anyway, More on that later, during the "cobble together some things that sound like drums" section, and the "how am I gonna get all this stuff to fit" section.