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Chapter 10. Hammerhead Live: > Refining the Pin Drum - Pg. 323

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle holes absolutely perpendicular to the tube by drilling a hole the diameter of the tube through a block of hard- wood and sinking a guide hole vertically dead center through the diameter. Mark and punch start the hole on the tubing, then slide it into the jig and drill the hole with vastly reduced chance of the bit skating out of position. [Figure 10.17] Install the levers in the rack for a quick test fit, using brass eyelets as spacers to center the levers in their respective slots. Mount the pin drum on the pillow blocks, and line up the actuator rack and drum assembly parallel to each other as shown, with the actuator rack centered in context of the drum. Mark the centers of the actuator block contact points accurately on the pin drum. You may want to adjourn for an invigorating libation and brief period of meditation at this point, since the next step is drilling out the holes in the pin drum, which will be a character- building experience on multiple levels. [Figure 10.18]