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Chapter 10. Hammerhead Live: > Housing the Battery - Pg. 332

Hammerhead Test your noise reduction and add more insulation and isolation as needed. It took me about a week to get the motor noise down to an acceptable level. I was fully prepared to fill the drive enclosure with lead shot and aerosol foam insula- tion if need be. [Figure 10.39] Messy? Uh huh, but who cares -- as long as it works. Housing the Battery Dealing with the battery involved in this mechanism made my brain ache. It's one of those 18-volt multiple-cell jobs in an oversized plastic housing molded to slot onto the bottom of the drill handle and protrude awkwardly in every direction. I hate those damned things, but waddayagonnado? My first instinct was to rip the actual battery components out of the housing and repackage them in a more compact form factor. This would also entail similarly modifying any spare battery packs I planned on using, as well as having to