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Chapter 10. Hammerhead Live: > Hammers and Pads - Pg. 335

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle piecing together the rest of the mechanism. Finalize the position of the pillow blocks/pin drum assembly, and set the attachment screws. Partially assemble the actuator rack, with actuators in the first, fourth and seventh positions in the rack, then position the rack so that the tips of the actuator blocks make contact with the pin drum about 1 / 8 " shy of the dead top of the pin drum. [Figure 10.47] As previously noted, the position of the actuator blocks is individually adjustable, so you don't need to be really pre- cise; the most important thing is that the rack be absolutely parallel to the pin drum. Mark and drill out 3 / 32 " holes for the rack mounting screws, and attach the rack to the deck with four 1¼" #6 wood screws. Drill out seven ¾" wooden craft balls halfway through their diameter to 3 / 8 " and pressfit them onto the free end of each actuator arm. They'll be epoxied in place once the completed mechanism is through final tune-up, but for now, a friction fit will serve the purpose. These balls are critical transfer nodes in the device: they do the actual transmission of actuator arm movement to the hammer arms. [Figure 10.48]