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Chapter 10. Hammerhead Live: > Dampening - Pg. 340

Hammerhead efficient way to proceed. There are no surprises in the fabri- cation: it's just cut/drill/cut/drill, ad nauseam. Do your tool setups carefully, jig whatever you can, and proceed patiently. It's a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon. [Figure 10.54, Figure 10.55, Figure 10.56] The fulcrum in question is 4" of 5 / 8 " brass tubing notched at the top to cradle the hammer arm, with a 6-32 machine screw serving as the pivot point. The tube is held by the hard- wood dowel mounting ferrule, which is the part that actually gets attached to the deck to hold the whole thing in position. A 6-32 machine screw locks the tube into the ferrule and serves as part of the rebound dampening system, anchoring the bottom end of an expansion spring attached to the ham- mer arm that helps keep afterstroke arm movement under control. The dampening pad is a sandwich of belt leather and mousepad material held in close proximity to the hammer arm by a piece of drilled-out dowel locked in position with another 6-32 machine screw.