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Chapter 10. Hammerhead Live: > Sidestick - Pg. 372

Hammerhead Cymbals We're gonna cheat on cymbals, and carve up broken ones to meet our nefarious ends. Cymbals break far more often than they need too, for a variety of reasons: poor technique on the part of the player, over-enthusiasm during performance, poor selection of cym- bal for the genre of music being played. There are a few dif- ferent ways to attempt to salvage damaged bronzework, but frankly, none of 'em are really effective at restoring a cymbal to its original glory. You can, however, get some useful special effects cymbals out of a little effort. There are two common types of cymbal breakage: radial cracks inwards from the edge and concentric splits along lathe lines. Pictured are what I harvested from a 14" paper- thin crash with a nasty radial, and 2 little bells from ride cymbals of various weight which had been enthusisatically crashed a trifle too often. All three cymbals came from North- star Recycling for the princely sum of $5. [Figure 10.116] Harvesting the bells was simple. They were mostly already cracked out, so three minutes with a hacksaw and all that was