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Chapter 10. Hammerhead Live: > Sidestick - Pg. 367

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle upper edge of the bearing rings should be shaped to provide minimum contact with the head. [Figure 10.105, Figure 10.106] NOTE: The mystic voodoo involved in shaping bearing edges on "real" acoustic drums is the stuff of legend among aficionadoes. Personally, I'm content if they're level and relatively even, but there are those who would go to war in defence of the "double 45," "inward 45," "classic," "modern classic," or other such precise varia- tion. Feel free to channel your inner Craviotto and get as in-depth as you want researching the subject. Face it: we're cutting these things out of plywood with a jig- saw, and fitting them with junked rims and heads. They're not gonna sound like Ayottes. Neither did the original electronic drum sequencers. What we're doing here is the physical equivalent of 8- bit digital audio. This is good. Figure 10.104: Making the cuts. Patience, laddie . . . patience. Glue and dowel the rings to the frames, then position the heads and rims and mark the bolt hole locations. The tension- ing bolts can be as high or low tech as you want. I was work- ing on a budget, so went low tech, using 8-32 x 1 ¼" machine