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Chapter 10. Hammerhead Live: > The Instrument Bodges - Pg. 362

Hammerhead Tambourine The tambourine had to shrink a tad; real estate on Hammerhead is pretty sparse, and accomodating a 10"- diameter empty space with jingles around the perimeter would have been wasteful. I scored a beat-up tambourine in a thrift shop toy department for $1.99 and harvested six pairs of 1½" metal jingles from it. [Figure 10.93] I found a 10" piece of 1" x ¼" maple scrap in the woodbin, spaced out holes 1¼" apart down the length (with the mount- ing hole 1½" further down, and installed the paired jingles on alternating sides of the slat with 6-32 machine screws sealed in position with cyanoacrylate. [Figure 10.94] It has to be mounted with lateral stability and up 'n' down flexibility ( so it'll move when whacked, but not rotate out of position). Easiest way to do that is with the old "dowel-filled- 3 8 ID brass-tube" trick, with the rim of the tubing filed to form / two hornish projections to dig into the wood of the tambo and reduce lateral motion while providing pivot points for vertical motion. [Figure 10.95, Figure 10.96, Figure 10.97] The height of the mount is determined by the topography Tambourine: $2.13 (taxes, doncha know). Machine screws: $0.97. Cash remaining: $19.50. Case closed.