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Chapter 10. Hammerhead Live: > Tuning the Mechanism - Pg. 358

Hammerhead Figure 10.87: A workable set of alignments. tor blocks. When you find a relative location for a particular actuator that works rhythmically, make a reference mark on the arm to note the position for future use. Yup . . . Hammerhead does presets. If you're using my instrument bodges, here's some hints on positioning and beater selection: The kick drum is perfectly happy being whumped on just shy of dead center with a soft 1" rubber ball. Use the 1" harder rubber ball for a more techno-sounding kick (although it's gonna be light on the low frequencies). The snare likes to be hit about 3" off dead center in any direction, and prefers a small, hard beater and a heavy stroke. The sidestick emulator can be rotated while mounted to change the impact target and the timbre. It seems to work best with a 1" dowel hammer. The ride cymbal sound depends on what kinda beater cymbal you came up with to make it from. Start with a ball hammer targeting about an inch inside the edge, and go smaller, rather than larger if you want to change beaters. The hi-hat likes to be whacked with a plus-size dowel ham-