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Chapter 10. Hammerhead Live: > Controlling the Controls - Pg. 350

Hammerhead I like that idea. I liked it so much when I first thought of it that I used it. There's metalwork involved, but it's nothing you can't handle. [Figure 10.71] Remove the nuts and washer(s) you just installed. You're gonna be upgrading. Start with a 1" piece of 1" brass roundbar. True up the ends and dress the surfaces, find the center and drill it out to 7 / 32 ". You're drilling a serious hole. Use a slow drill speed, a sharp drill bit, and plenty of cutting fluid. Take your time. Source a 1"-diameter washer with a ¼" hole, and cut a 1" diameter felt friction pad. These will go on the axle first to provide a really smooth action Thread the hole you just drilled in your roundbar with ¼-20 threads, and screw the knob blank onto the cam axle, tight- ening it down onto the felt washer until you've achieved the necessary amount of tension. Take a minute to consider the range of motion you'll want. As it stands, your cam cycles the trigger from "full off" to "full mal "medium" in the middle. Finding out how many usable degrees of knob movement you'll be using, and where in the arc they lie is the next step. Make sure there's a charge on the batterypack for the drive mechanism, and patch your speed controller mechanism into the circuitry. Don't be fancy. You just want to get the drum turning and get a feel for the curve of the controller, so alliga- tor clips and hookup wire are perfectly acceptable. Draw a reference line on the panel running from one edge of the panel to the knob. Mark the knob at the reference line. Reach under the panel and start turning the cam. The lever we're waiting to install also serves to lock the knob in position on the shaft, and until it's in place, any attempt to use the knob to rotate the cam is only going to cinch the knob down tighter on the threads. This is not what we want to happen. So turn the cam by hand. There'll be a few degrees of dead zone at the start of the trigger travel. As soon as the shaft begins to move, mark the knob at the reference line. Keep rotating the cam until the drum is spinning at an