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Chapter 10. Hammerhead Live: > Control Panel - Pg. 347

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle control box on a flexible brass gooseneck excavated from a scoop of mystery metal at NorthStar Recycling. I do not expect you to go to the same lengths in your con- trol panel, but if you do, I want pictures, dammit! I prototyped the mechanism on a chunk of plywood, look- ing for an easy way to fabricate it. This breadboard proto- type eventually became the actual chassis I ended up using. I used the drillpress, Forstner bits, and a dremel high-speed cutter bit as a quick 'n' dirty router to carve the various cavities out on the surface of the plywood, and roughed out the cam from 3 / 16 " brass plate. The trigger on the drill was plastic. Using a metal cam to physically actuate it would have been dangerously flaunting the provisions of Moh's Scale (see Chapter 9 on the DiscoHead) and would turn the trigger into a small pile of plastic shavings in no time flat. I used a piece of heavy-duty stainless-steel tape to resurface the face of the trigger where the cam contacts it and ward off the inevitable erosion. I could just as easily have used a bit of brass shim stock attached with double-faced tape to serve the same purpose. [Figure 10.66]